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Show full item record. Links Study at Chalmers. Careers Service. E-commerce within fashion is the worldwide most commonly purchased category of products online, with an annual revenue of billion SEK in It is also one of the most mature categories in online sales, where competition has become fierce to such extent that physical stores have went out of business.

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Much research has been focused on certain areas within the fashion segment of e-commerce such as distribution, integration of physical and online sales channels as well as characteristics of the organizations. This sort of approach that has not entirely considered all the potential condition of eReadiness cannot advocate the actual eReadiness that a country expects achieve. In this basis of conditions the author has proposed the research to focus on consumer eReadiness in the second half of the chapter. In the latter part of the chapter, the author has also justified his choice of topic and context and provided background information.

Finally the author has set the research questions, aims and objective as well. Chapter 2: Literature Review. Chapter 3: Research Methodology. Chapter 4: Findings and Data Analysis. Chapter 5: Discussion. Chapter 6: Conclusion. Chapter 1: Introduction. Table of Contents. Chapter 1: Introduction Contents 1 Chapter 1: Introduction 1.

This chapter attempts to introduce the research context, provide an account of the background information on the country being researched and the rationale for the research, and outlines the research questions, aim, and objectives. Technology is becoming the driving factor of all world systems, and the impact of its utilisation at various degrees in a contextual manner is widening.

On t he other hand, the fast transition of technologies has brought the entire world onto the palm, in this information era. Industrial revolutions of the recent past have triggered massive transformations in the entire world order and its operations. Internet has become the primary source of communication and method of conducting business. Using technology, especially internet technology, for commerce in the modern lifestyle has become a fashion.

With the invention of the World Wide Web www browsers, the internet has been embedded into the modern lifestyles, resulting in widespread commercial activities via internet beyond its previous role of transactional medium. Having started as a transactional system, eCommerce has now expanded to facilitate all commercial activities electronically and become a dominant player in bringing about radical changes in the way business is conducted in this new world order.

This fast moving trend has almost taken hold of the entire world in order to bring transformation to achieve effectiveness and efficiency of business systems. This has started to attract many researchers, causing them to direct their research efforts around the concept of eCommerce; the author of this research paper also was not exempt from this inspiration. However, the author has been very keen on finding an answer to the question of what prevents successful adoption of eCommerce in a country.

This led him to be interested in eReadiness which is the ultimate influence for eCommerce adoption. Since it was found that less emphasis has been made on consumer eReadiness in currently existing literature, the author was inspired to narrow down his research into consumer eReadiness for eCommerce adoption. The e-readiness of individuals, business entities, and the nation as a whole has a direct impact on the adoption of e-commerce. Continuous assessments made year on year by the Economist Intelligence Unit, UNPAN, World Bank, and other research organizations reveal that eReadiness of nations are at varying degrees which ultimately predicts the growth and adoption of eCommerce of countries with similar trends The Economist, ; Ojo et al.

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According to the above reports, the adoption of e-Commerce in developing nations show a relatively lower trend when compared with developed countries. They also report that this phenomenon is caused by a lack of e-readiness at national levels. The existence of several inconsistencies in the degrees of adoption of eCommerce by countries has been accounted in several research studies conducted previously by several researchers and aforesaid organizations.

These research studies have developed the idea to view eCommerce adoption as a dependant variable which is entirely a result of eReadiness of individuals and businesses, and the suitable environment which has been referred to as eEnabling Environment elsewhere in this document.

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These are identified as three constructs of eCommerce adoption [Figure 1]. However, these factors have been identified from one part of the world and predicted to be applicable for countries with similar conditions. Related Topics. Fin Tech. Consumer Protection. Dodd-Frank, Consumer Protection Act. Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. IT and Internet. Related Articles.

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