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Personal essay Personal essays require good writing skills as well as language skills A personal essay is like an advertisement. Understand the purpose of writing about yourself Writing is an intimidating task for most students. Learn the art of writing a personalized essay A personal essay needs to stay well focused on conveying to the reader your personality and character.

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One of my other problems is making sure everything that can be known is known so there isn't any communication problems, that is why this freakin' post is so freakin' long, man. I am 27 years old, I love ponies obviously I tend to be pretty live and let live for the most part but I also tend to be very outspoken and opinionated.

I like anime and cartoons and could easily see myself watching them well into old age, I am also a gamer though I often don't have as much time for it as I would like. I like reading and have had a fairly curious and inquisitive mind from a young age which has served me quite well. When I was in school I breezed through even honors and AP classes with relative ease but got a bit stuck in college and had my grades go down the toilet, dropped out for 3 years but have plans to go back this fall. After an incident where I was suspended and nearly fired my job last year because of this technicality I decided I have had enough of working for those lying back stabbing scum that I call "my company" and have and have an exit strategy which if it succeeds I will be a professional author.

I plan to first write about my experiences growing up and living with Autism and branch out into other subjects as well once I get my foot in the door. I will be able to help myself as well as other which I consider a win win.

Yeah, I had to get that out of the way, and if you get the reference than you would know i'm a Simpsons fan. At any rate, I'm actually 13 i'm in middle school making mostly A's except in grammar which if you haven't been able to tell: I suck at. If i had to describe myself in one word it would be nerd. I'm a pretty good friend even though i don't have many. I only have about 4 real friends, But i try and be a good one, I'm the shortest kid in my class and as you can tell i'm not popular.

Iv'e grown up in Virginia for my entire life, And my family has been involved in the military since the birth of america. On more of a personality note I try and be as happy as possible and keep up an upbeat tone in my life. Though I often come off as awkward to most people. Oh and by the way, If anypony want's to be my friend i'm a very lonely person who spends most they're time on the internet anyway. Well, I am 16 years old, I am a guy and I live in omaha Nebraska. I am a very optimistic and happy person, with the occational blue day. I mostly like to play bass guitar, play xbox, scan the interwebs, and sometimes write.

How to Describe a Person in English - Spoken English Lesson

I like to talk to people and make new friends my gamertag is xXGreconXx if you would like to play halo 4. I am a big bionicles, teen titans and mlp fan. I like to listen to deadmau5, madeon and imagine dragons. I like to also go on walks aswell.

describe my personality essay

Well, that's me! I'm 16 years old. I usually just listen to a lot of music, play games, and I well practically play the guitar. So, that's about it for me. I love getting to meet others and simply talking to friends about things. Talking to others really helps me out a lot if I am down. I am pretty shy around others I do not know to well but give me some time to get to know you and I'll gladly like to get to know others :].

I am attending college currently majoring in computer networking. I am going for my associate's degree as of right now but in time afterwards I want to go for my bachelor's. I am just taking things one thing at a time for now. My favorite season's are the Autumn and Winter. But Autumn is my favorite the leaves and the temperature are perfect I also love love music and have a wide variety in different genres that I like.

I'm a 16 year old dude born and raised in Pennsylvania. At age 7, I learned to ride an ATV. At age 15 I learned to ride a motorcycle and drive. I try to help someone whenever I can, but I may tend to be a smart-ass. I'm a 15 year old girl turning 16 in August , who loves TV, video-games, sports, graphics, art, music and chatting with people.

I'll start with video-games: Ever since I was 4 years old, I've been fascinated by games, they're very, very fun, and it's amazing we can play in a virtual world. Anyway, no one cares, you wanna hear my favourite games. Here is a list of my favourite:. And many, many other games. Those are just the ones I can name off the back of my hand.

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I'm very much into video-games. I play on the PC and PS3. My art teachers always commended me on my skill to sketch. It was in year 1 when I started to form my own style of art. From then on, I sketched quite a bit. Then, in , I purchased Adobe Photoshop. At first I had no clue whatsoever with it, as I'm sure everyone was , but after some practice I started to become gradually better with it. Here I am now, creating signatures everyday for myself and you guys.

Describe my personality essay

I spend a lot of time on the couch watching TV, preferably cartoons. I'm just gonna say my favourite TV shows from now, and in the past:. Music: Back in , I started to delve into the production of music. So I became a DJ. Sure, I was really "producing" music, but I was mixing music for people, and making those people happy.

In I started earning money from parties and such, mixing music, it was pretty fun - and I was earning money for it! But now in I've stopped being a DJ. Now I'm putting my energy into graphic designing.

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  8. As I am starting to enjoy it more. I am a straight A student, though most people I go to school with doubt me academically, even though I go to advanced reading and math. Though I am also good at writing. I love poetry and I'm learning how to write a few different types of poems. I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series. I love solving mysteries. If I could be a detective in a paranormal town that would be awesome! I am also very deep, I guess. I think a lot about things and I am also pretty scientific. I can be super shy, almost as shy as Fluttershy at times.

    At other times I am more out-going than Pinkie Pie. I have a lot of friends I think, If 7 is a lot. Most people think I tend to look on the bright side, which is not necessarily true. I love to make people smile and laugh, but I am depressed often. Though I try to stay positive. My imaganation is much to creative for my own good. I am hyper and I have a hyperactive mind. I also love cupcakes, pizza, cantaloupe, raspberries and oreos.