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A large majority of Americans wanted independence from England mainly because of the way they were being ruled. Of the Americans that wanted to break away were from many backgrounds, they came from all over the social ladder and from all over the world. It was never a sure thing whether or not the people would come together to move the American Revolution forward. The American War for Independence was unstoppable, the colonists who wanted to break away from England have gradually increased in numbers over the years, starting from the French and Indian War.

After the war was over and the British had won, they had over? George Grenville, the chief minister of England at the time, decided to put more taxes on the colonists back in America to help lessen the bind of the debt while putting on the colonists to pay off. Grenville kept adding more acts to make more money off of the colonists, first came the Sugar Act of , which put a tax on French imported molasses and put other products on a list that says that these commodities can only be sent to England.

This act lessened the income of merchants while still charging for imported goods. Next in , came the Currency Act, which forbade New England colonies to issue paper money as legal tender.

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This was a tough act for the colonists because in the hard economy the country was already in, it further constricted trade in this region. At this point, some colonists began to see Parliament as a violator of their colonial rights. Some colonial leaders were even unsure where Parliaments rule started and stopped. The next big thing that set off an explosion of displeasure was the Stamp Act, which became effective in November of In order to keep the spirit of resistance high against Britain, Samuel Adams created the Committees of Correspondence, which enabled people from other colonies to exchange letters.

These committees later evolved directly into the first American Congresses.

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Politics was greatly impacted by the culture of the British colonies. The political conceptions of the colonists was in great opposition to the political beliefs if the British, which is also what made the American Revolution inevitable. The Intolerable Acts also contributed to the Revolution. These acts were meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists for their defiance in throwing tea into the Boston Harbor.

The acts took away self government and historical rights, triggering outrage and resistance in the 1 3 colonies. Which is why it was a key development in the outbreak if the American Revolution.

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In addition, the taxes levied after the 7 Years War also caused an uproar in the colonies. Not because of the price, but because the Renville the British Parliament had passed for these taxes had no representation from the colony in it.

The American Revolution was an Inevitable Event Essay Sample

Although the economic taxing was tender to the fire, the concept of no taxation without representation is what sparked and ignited the Revolution. Connecticut had a democratically elected government under the Fundamental Orders, and the very nature of Rhode Island's foundation as a bastion of liberal and rebellious religious thinkers sowed the seeds of future dissent.

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Problems with the Indians, as when King Philip led the Indians of the northeast in a last attempt at unity against the whites, forced the colonists to unite for their very survival. That this was later taken over by England when it was made into a dominion only added fuel to the fire.

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Clearly, events were conspiring to prompt an independent streak in New England that would spell doom for the union with England. This independent streak was developing in the middle Chesapeake colonies even though This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Got it! Learn more. Loading: Checking Spelling. Read more. Was the Civil War Inevitable? Essay words - 4 pages , we come to the question "Was the Civil War Inevitable?

I will go through the reasons of why the civil war began and it will be answered as it is read.

click here We can start from the beginning, when American first started to come together. The people of New England, left England mainly for religious reasons.

The people were called Puritans. The Puritan were very educated and they based their ways of living by their religious beliefs. The Puritans felt the. The American Revolutionary War Essay words - 10 pages help them in any way. Somebody important and well known in the colonies at the time is Benjamin Franklin. Franklin believed that the American Revolutionary War was not inevitable because the British would have eventually been in too much debt.

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They eventually would have decided to pull out and the American colonies would have become self-governing. However he is wrong because also the American colonists had now became too built up with anger due. The war paved the way to the way we fight wars today due to the mistakes that the British made in their fight that eventually caused them to lose the war against the British Colonies.

Many tax oppositions were made, many wars were fought, but in the end the British. The American Revolutionary War words - 5 pages The author delivers a compelling interpretation of the Revolutionary War with intricate details of the battles and descriptions of the individuals who were a part of this intriguing part of American history.