The writers world paragraphs and essays 3rd edition ebook

List 2. Sentence Beginnings.


Proper Nouns. Word Choice. Clear Language.

Abstract and Concrete Words. General and Specific Words. Vivid Adjectives. Comma Usage with Adjectives. Specific Verbs. Colorful Adverbs. Writing Style.

The writers world paragraphs and essays 3rd edition pdf

Appeal to the Senses. Figurative Language. Appropriate Vocabulary. Pitfall 1: Unfamiliar Synonyms. Pitfall 2: Slang. Pitfall 4: Wordiness. Identifying Subjects and Verbs. Finding the Subject. Problems with Identifying the Subject. Finding the Verb. Classes of Verbs. Common Auxiliaries.

The Writer's World: Paragraphs and Essays With Enhanced Reading Strategies (5th Edition)

Problems with Identifying the Verb. Subject—Verb Agreement. Subject—Verb Agreement Rules. Problem Subjects. Indefinite Pronouns. Singular or Plural Subjects. Collective Nouns. Fields of Study. Compound Subjects. Subjects Joined by Or or Nor. Problem Verbs. Compound Verbs. Irregular Verbs. Problem Sentence Structures. Reversed Order. Dependent Clauses. Verb Tenses. Forming the Past Tense and Past Participle.

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Regular Verbs. Using the Past Participle.

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The Present Perfect Tense. The Past Perfect Tense.

The Passive Voice. Using the Past Participle as an Adjective. Avoiding Shifts in Tense. Sentence Types. Sentence Parts. Sentence Purposes. Sentence Fragments. Missing-Subject Fragments. Missing-Verb Fragments. Missing-Subject-and Verb-Fragments. Dependent-Clause Fragments. Steps to Identifying Fragments.

Identifying Run-Ons. Steps to Identifying Run-Ons. Five Ways to Correct Run-Ons. Sentence Combining Using Coordination and Subordination. Steps to Combining Sentences. Coordinating Conjunctions.

Writer's Resources: From Paragraph to Essay, 3rd Edition

Compound Predicates. Conjunctive Adverbs and Transitional Expressions. Subordinating Conjunctions.

Relative Pronouns. Verbal Phrases. Using Coordination or Subordination. Sentence Variety. Steps to Creating Sentence Variety. Vary Sentence Beginnings. Use a Synonym.

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Use a Transition. Rearrange the Sentence. Use a Pronoun. Combine Two Sentences. Vary Sentence Length. Vary the Placement of Important Information. Vary the Sentence Structure. Dates and Addresses. Compound Sentences. Introductory Elements. Prepositional Phrases. Small Word Interrupters. Direct Address.

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Nonrestrictive Elements. Restrictive Elements. Determining Possession. Word Order in Possessive Phrases. Placement of the Apostrophe in Possessive Phrases. Possessive Pronouns. Letters and Numerals.

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