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Turkle brings up an interesting point in her essay, How Computers Change the Way We Think , about the online avatar or screen-name. For this development to be effective, the adolescent needs a safe place to experiment. Unfortunately, the world we live in does not provide many havens for these young adults to begin to discover who they are. This is where the computer comes in. The internet provides young adults with the opportunity to step into another universe, stripped of their current identity: a blank slate.

Here, they can become whoever they want to be. According to Turkle, this is a good thing. However, Turkle is far too idealistic. In the real world, most young adults lurking around anonymously on the internet are not there to further their understanding of themselves. Most of the time, adolescents use the online avatar as a faceless vehicle for insults and penis jokes. Just look at any popular forum website like reddit, 4chan, or the countless others.

Any shred of positivity coming from the anonymity of the internet is grossly outnumbered by the heaps of steaming repulsive garbage that clogs the internet with immaturity.

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However, in a realistic application, the temptation to use the anonymity for destructive purposes free of consequence is so great that the system will be flooded with people who have no interest in growing as a person. He demonstrates how we become less human, how are brains are starting to think more like computers than like emotional beings.

I think the most important notion that arrises from his discussion is the idea that we are losing our ability to actively communicate with each other. For example, assessing a problem like a computer removes the emotional baggage and may be helpful. Communicating with someone without emotion would be the worst thing in the world.

As a matter of fact, she simply ends on the notion that we cannot afford to fail in implementing our computer use and that we are all computer people.

To me, this is a rather run of the mill ending to what could have been a forceful lesson. In the essay, computers are the center of focus.

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Their efficiency and ease of use allow people to be connected while simultaneously being separated. For one Turkle presents the idea that people have less of a need to sit down and actually think about what they are writing, and have the luxury of just pressing backspace and starting over. The problem residing in this relatively new feature is that people do not have to sit down and actually think ahead. Thinking on the spot is becoming the norm.

Another possible drawback that Turkle presents in her essay is the fact that students are now becoming more interested in the overall presentation of certain ideas and issues. Because of Powerpoint, the best presentation is not the one that has the most concise and accurate information, It is the most aesthetically pleasing one. As a result, students put more faith in the presentations that they see rather than the thoughts that are developed in plain sight.

These small interesting changes have allowed students to go to school and master the material with much ease. As a matter of fact, students cannot go to school without a computer. A computer is necessary for every class at some point. To not have one is an ultimate set up for failure. I was really skeptical about the validity of his argument when I read the first couple of paragraphs.

However, the essay delivers the examples and arguments in the essay so well that I was convinced by the end that the language was indeed in danger. If one of them is missing, you try as much as possible to search for it no matter what. The result is that you fail to capture and experience the moment since you are busy worried about other things. Well, the choice remains in our hands. We must agree that society is being carried away by the increased inventions being introduced in our lives today. The balance we need is to appreciate technology since it has its benefits, but also have the discipline to turn it off when need be to experience life in reality.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Topics: Computer. Is our society too dependent on computers? I, like many Americans today, have become reliant on the usage of computers. It influences all aspects of my life by bringing about a new level of convenience. Computers are a part of our everyday lives whether we like it or not. They make simple tasks much easier and allow us to strive to our full potential. However over the years, computers have become much more than a tool but necessary part of our lives.

Don't use plagiarized sources. They have replaced almost every important contrivance humans have. Today computers replace the way we conduct our academic research, supply our food, keep businesses competitive and maintain our military superiority. Computers are not being used as convenience, but as a necessary part of our modern and materialist society. Humans have always looked for the easy way out. Computers give us a quick fix. This is creating a society that is accustomed to instant gratification.

Lee Meserve from ohio state university believes that we rely on technology too much in todays society. What Lee is saying is that we abandon all old forms of getting what we want. It is very hard to return to these old ways however. With the implication of the computer into society, most believe that pursuing old fashioned techniques is redundant. Computers are not become a quick fix anymore, they are becoming necessary because people do not see the value in implementing old techniques. First, computers have changed the way society conducts important academic research.

Our society often views a computer as the only way to get some information. It has become such a convenience that to utilize other outlets of information seems redundant. They are trying to explain that there are other ways to find out information that we need. Children no longer have to find the answer they just have to just have to type it in on the google search bar and get the answer. Now computers are not used as a helpful search tool but as a requirement to certain information. You used to be able to find all the information that you need in a local newspaper but now the only way to get unbiased professional information is your computer.

This lack of information shows that computers are not being used as a convenience to find out information but as a necessary tool to find information that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Computers have changed the education system as a whole. They have given the advantage to the kid who has the better technology. For example, if a kid has a personal computer and another kid has to go to the library the kid with the personal computer has much easier access to necessary information. Not only does the kid with the personal computer have access to convenient information, he has access to more information. This convenience creates a biased learning situation that is mainly based off wealth. Computers are not the sole purpose of this bias situation but are one of the main contributors.

Schools have been working hard to supply kids with the same materials but the evolution of personal computers is growing at a rapid rate. Now it is considered not normal to own your own laptop during high school. Teacher use stereotype to their advantage requiring that children printout and type their work. Less fortunate children can still meet these requirements but it is a much more difficult task. To compete with your classmates having a personal computer is not a convenience, but a requirement.

Next, computers change the way we supply our food. With the population growing at such a rapid rate researchers are experimenting with new ways to supply mass amounts of food. Food is becoming more and more scarce but with the implication of genetically modifying foods through the use of computers gives hope to supplying more than enough food.

They explain that the farmers have had to adopt new ways and leave their old traditional ways in order to supply the amount of food that the population needs. Soon farming will need computers and the traditional ways of farming will be lost forever.